Development Challenges

PI project adresses ICT development challenges facing BiH youth, small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) from the ICT sector as well as SMEs from other sectors.


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Project Goals

Project goals are two fold:

  • to improve the competitiveness and productivity of SMEs and
  • to enhance employment and entrepreneurship among youth.

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Project Activities

Youth trainings and internship programs, advanced ICT training, ICT bootcamps, support to ICT associations, fairs and conferences, access to finance and startup support.


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Project Partners

Meet local organizations, partners of the Partnership for Innovation project.

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Moja praksa

“Moja praksa” internship program is an ICT based initiative designed to provide practical experience and reinforce the bond between youth and local ICT business community.

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Work Ready Now!

“Work Ready Now!” (WRN!) program is a participatory, active and hands-on youth develoment program focused on improving soft skills for business environment.

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SME support

SME support through PI project is implemented through series of trainings designed per demand from SMEs.


  • Fifth cohort of the internship program “Moja praksa” completed in Tuzla - Upon successful completion of the fifth cycle of  the internship program “Moja praksa” in Tuzla region, a certificaton ceremony was held today at BIT Center. Certificates were awarded to 50 participants and awards of appreciation to 4 IT companies and several other organizations that have supplied projects and mentors for this cycle. “Moja praksa” is a three-year program […]
  • 3D modeling training for SMEs from Sarajevo successfully completed - PI successfully supported 3 week long training that was based on Autodesk’s latest iteration of the program for 3D modeling, 3ds Max 2016. Participants from 6 different companies had the opportunity to get an introduction to 3D modeling. They learned how to work with a 3D development environment, how to use the drawing basic/advanced command techniques and how […]
  • TRAINING FOR YOUTH IN CREATING WEBSITES STARTED IN PRIJEDOR - The training in creation of HTML5 and CSS3 websites for 15 unemployed youth commenced in Prijedor today. The training will last 10 weeks, and will be implemented using the „Bootstrap“ an open-source framework developed to enable and facilitate the development of web forms. Partnership for Innovation supported training will be executed in collaboration with the […]
  • SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF THE “RECORDING AND SOUND DESIGN FOR FILM AND TV” TRAINING IN BANJA LUKA - The five day long intensive training (bootcamp) focused on “Recording and sound design for film and TV” was completed in Banja Luka on December 30, 2015. Partnership for Innovation organized this training in cooperation with “Hauba”, the foundation for the development of creative industry and the “Vizart” association from Banja Luka. The 40 hour long […]
  • COMPLETION OF THE SEVENTH CYCLE OF “MOJA PRAKSA” INTERNSHIP PROGRAM IN BANJA LUKA - The ceremony was held today in hotel „Bosnia“ to mark the successful completion of the seventh cycle of “Moja praksa” internships program in Banja Luka region. Certificates were awarded to 72 participants and awards of appreciation to 16 IT companies (Lanaco doo,ICBL a.d.,Nova Banka a.d.,RTV Kontakt doo,Projekt a.d.,Ntel consalting doo,Grafo Balkan,IRBRS ad,AIDRS-e,Una – Ing,Info Ars,Inova […]

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